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Friday, May 12, 2006

Red Sox WPA through 5/11/06

This game was a fitting conclusion to the series, a seesaw affair with more than its share of strange plays and tense moments. Hideki Matsui went down in the first with a broken wrist on a sinking line drive from Loretta, ending his consecutive-game streak at 518 games (he had played 1,250 consecutive games for the Yomiuri Giants before he came to New York). If there's any Yankee who's earned my grudging respect, it's Matsui, who always plays hard and always seems to come up with the big play against the Red Sox. I hope his recovery is swift.

This game really should have been a blowout, with the Sox squandering tons of opportunities early. They left the bases loaded three times, stranding a total of 15 runners. Lowell and Mirabelli were robbed of extra-base hits by Crosby and Damon, while Bernie Williams, channeling Melky Cabrera, watched a tricky fly ball from Gonzo bounce into the stands for a ground-rule double. The play of the game was Mark Loretta's ground ball to short in the seventh, which saw a great catch by Jeter, a poor throw, an almost miraculous catch by Cairo, and Loretta safe at first as the ball popped from the glove as Cairo tried to tag him. Note to A-Rod: leave the purse at home on plays like this - it's easier to avoid the tag without the handbag slowing you down.

All the ups and downs meant that there was lots of WPA to go around in this game. Loretta took home the lion's share with his four-for-six night. The single in the seventh alone was worth 0.336, and the other hits were all important also. Wake finished slightly on the minus side, and Ortiz was the biggest negative of the night. Papelbon picked up a healthy 0.206 WPA in a tough four-out save, his 13th of the season in as many chances.

On the NY side, it was black and white - there was not much middle ground between the good (Chacon, Jeter, Williams) and the bad (Cairo, Cano, Damon, Giambi). The Yankees threw pretty much their entire bullpen in this game, and again the difference was stark - Myers and Villone pitching well, while Proctor, Sturtze, Farnsworth, and Rivera were all pretty bad. Note that Damon now leads all Yankees by a healthy margin in season suckitude vs. the Red Sox.

Individual Player WPA Contributions
Thursday, 5/11/06
Red Sox 5, Yankees 3

Full-Season Player WPA Contributions
Through Thursday, 5/11/06

Full-Season Category WPA Contributions
Through Thursday, 5/11/06

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Yankees Player WPA Contributions
Thursday, 5/11/06

Yankees Player WPA Contributions vs. Red Sox
Through Thursday, 5/11/06


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