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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Red Sox WPA through 5/9/06

Yankees games are always a little strange, but this one takes the cake.

Randy Johnson goes 3 and 2/3, giving up five hits and seven runs, two of them earned. Strikes out three, walks five. This from a guy whose career K/BB ratio is 3.2:1. Toss in two wild pitches for good measure.

Meanwhile, Rudy Seanez, channelling Jonathan Papelbon, goes 1-2-3 in the 9th to finish the game.

How about Gonzo: Two-for-four, with his first HR of the season, and two walks to boot.

And Mike Lowell: With two doubles tonight, his last eight hits have all been doubles.

With all this weirdness, the WPA comes out looking pretty strange too. Even with 14 runs, nobody comes out as a big WPA winner. The Yankees made three costly errors early. Combined with the two Johnson WPs, these took much of the WPA credit. By the time the offense kicked in, the game was largely won, so there was little WPA to be had. Beckett pitched a decent game but comes out negative, because he was touched for two runs in the first inning (big negative WPA), and had a big lead for most of the remainder of the game, which limited his WPA gain.

In any case, a win is a win. Looking forward to tomorrow's Schilling vs. Mussina matchup.

Individual Player WPA Contributions
Tuesday, 5/9/06
Red Sox 14, Yankees 3

Full-Season Player WPA Contributions
Through Tuesday, 5/9/06

Full-Season Category WPA Contributions
Through Tuesday, 5/9/06

Because it's a Yankee's game, we've got special bonus coverage for the Yankees' WPA numbers. The first graph is just for this game, and the second graph is their season WPA totals in the two games so far against the Red Sox.

Yankees Player WPA Contributions
Tuesday, 5/9/06

Yankees Player WPA Contributions vs. Red Sox
Through Tuesday, 5/9/06


  • Nice to see all the Sox components (starters, relievers, position players) in the positive. It will be nicer still to have the components have a greater WPA contribution than opponent errors -- unless, of course, ARod et al just INSIST that the Sox win. :)

    By Anonymous soxfanco, at 2:17 PM  

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