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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Red Sox WPA through 4/21

A tough loss last night to the Blue Jays, the first Sox extra-inning game of the season, and their first one-run loss. Beckett was reasonably strong through seven and a third innings, earning a positive WPA despite giving up five earned runs. Papelbon and Foulke earned the most credit, both pitching multiple strong innings. Foulke took the loss, and gets a a bit of a WPA hit for walking Glaus in the twelfth, but Seanez of course bears the primary responsibility for the loss.

Individual player contributions from Friday night's game:

For the season, this is Papelbon's strongest WPA game yet (pitching 2.1 one-hit innings in a tie game will do that for you), and moves him into the top spot overall for the season.

Full-season player contributions through 4/21/06:

For the category breakdown, Friday's game continues the disturbing trend of divergence between the starters and relievers. Over the last five games, we continue to get strong starts, but the bullpen has not been as strong as earlier in the season.

Full-season category breakdowns through 4/21/06:


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