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Friday, June 09, 2006

Red Sox WPA through 6/8/06

If you just look at the WPA, Curt Schilling comes out of this game looking like he (slightly) hurt the team, with a -0.012 total for the night. The three long balls he yielded were of course responsible for the negative total. The WPA doesn't tell the whole story, though. As far as I'm concerned, Schilling can give up three home runs every night he pitches if he wants to, as long as he continues to keep runners off the bases otherwise. Take your starter into the eighth allowing three runs, and turn the ball over to Papelbon in the ninth to shut things down, and you're going to win a lot of games.

This is now Schilling's fifth consecutive start without walking a batter. That's 34.2 innings of ball, during which time he has struck out 27. A 27-0 K/BB ratio is not too shabby. By contrast, Matt Clement has issued 19 walks over his last 34.2 innings. Schilling's ability to keep runners off the bases last night was almost uncanny - he threw a grand total of three pitches with a man on base (Damon, with his double in the third, had the only non-HR hit of the night, and Crisp promptly doubled him off on a line drive from Melky Cabrera).

For a while last night, it looked like Papelbon might have a chance to pick up his 21st save of the year, but Varitek put an end to that with his three-run shot in the seventh. Instead, the one who ended up with a chance for a save turned out to be Red Sox whipping boy Scott Proctor, who took the mound in the sixth with a 3-2 lead, nobody out, and the bases full of Red Sox. Talk about a tough save! Proctor of course immediately yielded the sacrifice fly to Youkilis to bring in the tying run, and went on to give up the shot to Varitek in the seventh. Proctor now has four blown saves in his last twelve appearances, not usually what you're looking for in a middle reliever. His ERA against the Red Sox is now 13.50, which is why he's dead-last in the Yankees WPA ranking (in games against Boston). However, he's not at the bottom of the Yankees overall team WPA for the whole season. That honor, according to Fangraphs, belongs to none other than Randy Johnson. Hehe.

Individual Player WPA Contributions
Thursday, 6/8/06
Red Sox 9, Yankees 3

Full-Season Player WPA Contributions
Through Thursday, 6/8/06

Full-Season Category WPA Contributions
Through Thursday, 6/8/06

Yankees Player WPA Contributions
Thursday, 6/8/06

Yankees Player WPA Contributions vs. Red Sox
Through Thursday, 6/8/06


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